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Welcome to Crossroads Assisted Living Community!

Enhancing Quality of Life Is Our Mission

At Crossroads Assisted Living it is our mission to enhance the quality of life for our residents by committing to the company’s core values.

Our Core Values:

  • Commitment to Communication
  • Commitment to Service
  • Commitment to Higher Standards
  • Commitment to Growth
  • Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility

We’re glad that you are visiting with us.

Crossroads Assisted Living provides individualized professional services for senior citizens and citizens with disabilities in our community.  These services are provided 24/7 in a comfortable, safe and all-inclusive environment.

Crossroads strives to make quality assisted living service accessible to everyone who can benefit from our multicultural community.  We offer the reliability of 24-hour support and access to personal and health care if needed. This gives residents the ability to be as independent as possible, without the fear of injury or debilitating illness that could be fatal when living alone.


Take a Look at What We Offer

All residents are provided with individual private quarters that include restroom and shower. Residents are asked to bring their own toiletries; however, clean fresh towels and bed linen are provided. To personalize your new quarters, we welcome and encourage certain personal belongings from home.

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Weekly menus are posted for the convenience of the residents.  The facility chef prepares on site three fresh balanced meals, including afternoon snacks. Residents may also bring their personal snacks if desired. The facility complies with all food preparation, permits and requirements by the Hidalgo County Health Department.

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The facility calendar provides structured social activities for the enjoyment of our residents, such as board games, crafts, wellness classes or movie viewings. The facility utilizes the common living areas or café areas for casual social activity and crafts.  Most residents can also choose to engage in activities off-site, such as mall-walking or theater outings, for which group transportation is provided by the facility.

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Crossroads Assisted Living provides laundry services for residents who choose to have their laundry done at the facility. Residents have the liberty to choose a different laundry service from an outside provider.

Crossroads Assisted Living provides our residents with several living areas, such as a living room with television services as well as dining room where all the residents can play board games, read, and can interact with other residents.

There are special accommodations areas where the residents can have fun together with their family members and other residents. Family members have the freedom to visit their loved ones at any time.


The people at Crossroads are all angels for what they do for our seniors and especially for our mom. We will always be grateful and keep all of the people at Crossroads in our daily prayers.

Ovalle Family - Resident's Family

My mother enjoyed the music, delicious food and the wonderful decorations at the events. I thank Crossroads for caring so much for their residents. I appreciate everything all of you do at Crossroads. I’m very grateful for all the care and attention you all have given to my mother.

Terri Harrington - Resident's Daughter

We thank Crossroads for the care they provided to our Mother during her time with them. Families like ours trust Crossroads to care for the residents as if they were their own family.

Skinner Family - Resident's Family

I’ll always be thankful to Benjamin, Linda and the whole team at Crossroads for the two and a half years that they took such good care of my Mom. They definitely have put a great team of caregivers together.

Debbie Carville - Resident's Daughter

It meant a lot to me spending some quality time with my Mother at the events done at Crossroads.
Hats off to the chefs who prepared the scrumptious luncheon and the awesome musicians!

Carmen Calvillo - Resident's Daughter

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us via email or by our contact page for a tour of our facility.

We will contact you by a phone call to confirm the date and time of the tour that is acceptable to you.

At Crossroads Assisted Living, family and friends are always welcomed.  The facility’s visiting policy is from 8 am to 8 pm seven days a week*.

*Under some circumstances this policy can be waved.

Don’t worry!

If you require non-institutionalized skilled care or physical therapy you can elect to contract with a third party.  For institutional therapy or hospitalization, the facility’s bed hold policy allows you to stay out of the facility up to 60 days without losing you accommodations.

Yes, you can manage your own finances or you can allow the facility to assist you.

No problem!

You can keep your own doctor or opt to be seen and cared for by the facility’s visiting Medical Doctor in the comfort of their own accommodations.  In addition, you can also keep your preferred pharmacy or choose the facility’s contracted pharmacy.

Crossroads Assisted Living is a services provider for several HMO.  We follow program specifications and we acknowledge Form 2065-D for authorization, room and board and co-pay.

We do! Our Respite Care Service can be up to 30 days upon availability.