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We want you to feel at home!

At Crossroads Assisted Living we offer to senior residents the safety and security of 24-hour support and access to care if needed. This gives residents the ability to be as independent as possible, without the fear of injury or debilitating illness that could be fatal when living alone.

Texas Traditional Long Term Assisted Living Services

Our traditional long term services fee is very reasonable and accessible.  Most potential residents for assisted living services usually suffer from one or more or more of the following conditions:

  • Incontinence
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Requiring the Use of a Walker
  • Transferring to and From a Wheelchair
  • Mental Deficit

Therefore, at Crossroads we acknowledge these are basic individual needs and there are no additional hidden charges for this assistance.

Respite Care Service

We understand that some people may need our services just for a short amount of time in some occasions. At Crossroads, residents have the option to stay for one day or one month if they need.

Special Accomodation

Residents can opt to be seen and cared for by the facility’s visiting Medical Doctor in the comfort of their own accommodations.  In addition, medications prescribed can be delivered to the facility free of charge.  Should the resident require intermediate skilled care, they are able to contract with a third party to provide skilled nursing care or physical therapy.  Residents can also elect to attend an adult day care center in our community.